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A. The First 12 Years With The Guru

Chapter 01 - Meeting Yourself (Your
    Higher Self) As The Life Teaching
    of Your Physical Guru
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Chapter 02 - Becoming One With
    Yourself (With Your Higher Self), First
    On The Outside & Then Within You

Chapter 03 - Understanding Yourself  
    First Your Lower Self & Then Your
    Higher Self

Chapter 04 - Understanding
    Everyone Else (As Now Your
    Creation, As Now Your Children,
    Within God Within You)

Chapter 05 - Become and Understand
    “The Taste of God” Just Waiting To
    Fully Manifest Within Your Life, if you

Chapter 06 - Become and Understand
    “The Three Duties” For Which We
    Have Come Into The World, if you like.

Chapter 07 - Understanding What It             Means "To Come From Allah"

Chapter 08 -  Understanding What Is             Needed To Become "A True Man"

Chapter 09 - Understanding What God Is     Now Telling You

Chapter 10 - Understanding How To             “Control The Mind” And “Keep Still

Chapter 11 - Understanding How To
    “Research Within"

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