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Chapter 01 - Meeting Yourself (Your
    Higher Self) As The Life Teaching
    of Your Physical Guru
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Chapter 02 - Becoming One With
    Yourself (With Your Higher Self), First
    On The Outside & Then Within You

Chapter 03 - Understanding Yourself  
    First Your Lower Self & Then Your
    Higher Self

Chapter 04 - Understanding
    Everyone Else (As Now Your
    Creation, As Now Your Children,
    Within God  Within You)

Chapter 05 - Become & Understand 
    The Taste of  God Just Waiting To 
    Fully Manifest Within Your Life
    if you like

Chapter 06 - Become & Understand     
    The Three Duties For Which We Have
    Come Into The World, if you like

Chapter 07 - Understanding What It             Means To Come From Allah, And For       The Light of Your Soul To First
    Appear, And For "The End" of Your       Appearance Here, To Last Occur Here,     If You Like

Chapter 08 - Understanding What Is              Needed To Become “A True Man

Chapter 09 - Understanding What
    God Is Now Telling You, if you like

Chapter 10 - Understanding How To             “Control The Mind” And “Keep Still

Chapter 11 - Understanding How To             “Research Within"

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